A paragraph to the One we are building

Nina Polo
1 min readSep 12, 2020

On #future, #technology and #evolution

​A summary of Kevin kelly’s talk, “The next 5000 days of the web”.

The future is not going to be like “now but only better” the future implies evolution and unpredictable change.

To think about the future we first need to start getting good at believing in the impossible, just like we are now, in many ways, living the impossible of the ’50s and before.

​One thing we can say today is that we cannot imagine a future dissociated from a greater technological leap, so, a good question we could ask is: What’s the impossible? And, Where are the next ten years of the internet going to take us? Here’s an idea.

The world of digital and the world of matter will become One, a sort of intimate interaction between data, humans, and things; assembled into a larger, intelligent and ubiquitous organism that is more than the sum of its parts, it’s OS will be the web.

We will be somehow embedded in it, it’ll be the One machine, a One that will read itself as all screens will be looking into the One… and we are now creating it and the One is us.