Analog Technology for Creatives

In her Time Management Course, Business Consultant and Creative Mònica Rodríguez Limia blew my mind with two simple principles, based on her own applied Neuroscience findings.

Principle Number one: Creatives’ brains are almost always one step away from burnout.

The brain of a creative person is already dealing with a lot of ideas and inspiration partially due to the hyper-input of our technological and information world.

By the time a creative decides to entreprendre something, she has already reach oversaturation of brain stimulus and processing, making intangible things like time or money management real insurmountable barriers for action.

Principle Number two: Creatives can think with their hands instead and avoid brain collapse from overwhelming saturation.

Creatives can use analog technology to deal with intangible and complex planning processes and finally get to execute their projects.

And what’s analog technology? Well, is tangible material and the use of your hands and mind: paper, handwriting, post-its, rulers, colored pencils, journals, and notebooks to organize time, planning projects, keep track of goals and even strategize.

No wonder why these methods are at the root of almost any design process and why someone like me became so passionate about design thinking, a process in which I can make my ideas tangible and interact with others to create tangible(and intangible) solutions -prototypes- to problems that we consider that matter.



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Nina Polo

Nina Polo

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