About Spirituality and Why it Matters

Nina Polo
2 min readMar 3, 2021

“Everything is an illusion”

Ok, yes, but as this sentence might make sense intellectually, we never really come to see it as true, less so to experience it in our lives. The life that we experience, our world, house, partner, children, and problems are square solid, we can touch them, perceive them and therefore they exist.

The perception of the world is self-reinforced in our day by day. And you might agree that we could resume the dynamics of the world we know in three steps: one, we try to build something; two, this something inevitably encounters change, and three we spend the rest of the time dealing with that change or trying to build something different again… and so on in an indefinite cycle.

These dynamics only prove another Buddhist motto that points at “the impermanence of things”. What about if a great part of what we experience in our lives is precisely trying to deal with these dynamics because we think they are all there is?.

What if seeing beyond the matrix of the world is taking some distance from our own perspectives and realizing that we don’t need to deal with everything we see, that we can step aside and observe.

The more we see the world as true the more we get tangled, the less we value it as true the lighter we get, less clutter, and more peace of mind.

Peace of mind would come then when we understand that the world we see is an illusion and that it does not respond to the laws we think we knew. The new journey then would be to discover what is real and to better relate with what is real.

Maybe then we can appreciate our lives better, the tangibleness of our loved ones and relax more with the intangible problems we think we have.