Setting Up Goals and Running Away

Nina Polo
2 min readJun 8, 2020


One of the greatest illusions in life, that is quite stressed in this generation of the zapping is believing that we have thousands of choices when we only have one, at each time.

The universe and the world and our personal lives are complex and even tortuous for a mind that is not in harmony with the natural movements and trajectories ahead of us and around us.

Not choosing iiiis choosing

Every choice we are not making, whether in our careers, our health, or the management of our emotions is a choice we are making towards the opposite direction of what might be our best interest.

Not choosing to speak up, to stop and quitting our addictions, not defining AND taking the steps we need to engage towards that we feel is calling us, equals giving up our empowerment in any given situation, whether regarding love, prosperity, purpose and/or meaning.

Not making the choices that we need to make, equals walking away from finding and strengthen our determination of being happy, of realizing or at least engaging with our dreams and highest potential. It’s perpetuating chaos, living in the comfort of fear, of confusion, and consequently, the situations that arise by default in our lives.

Developing a trend of determination

It all starts with Love, targetting to become your best friend, to develop compassion for yourself in your inner dialogue. To fully accept and care for the parts of you that don’t meet your expectations might be great a start.

Cultivating the feeling of “ I can” comes from having the courage to define and follow those small steps, finishing them, and ultimately by sharing them constantly with the world. Knocking out the voices of perfectionism, coming up and offering your prototypes to the world.

Sooner than later you’ll develop a trend that will help you stop running away from your self and finding the determination of only acting towards that which will make the best of your life.