The Soul of your Work

Nina Polo
2 min readJan 13, 2020

Time flies. So, What are you up to lately? Who are you sharing your work with, and how? And most of all, how deep are you willing to go from now?

Few of us are wired to dig deep into ourselves, trusting that we will find value. And even fewer of us can articulate that richness we have discovered inside to an audience.

Too many recipes, hacks, and rapid methods that promise more followers, more clients, and more gigs that you’re not even sure you want. Always more and more.

This huge mase of tips and free advice we find on the Internet and social media is noisy enough to distract you and keep you out of the track, hundreds of miles away from the actual work you might want to do.

On the outside, our best work translates into connection, authentic connection, feedback, and interaction; that means you get to go mining and then sharing who you are and what you really care about.

Be kind to yourself cause learning to articulate your best value clearly will not happen on your first try. It takes practice and avoiding perfectionism to share your most profound ideas with others constantly.

Hopefully, you will find people that will resonate with you at a deeper level, people that will trust you and help you connect with the soul of your work.

Subsequently, this will be reflected in your products and services, and you will know that you are contributing with your best work.

Your best work is not meant to be built on your own.