We Are There, Yet

If you’ve been a progressist until now that’s ok, now we all know a bit better, it takes only to take a good look around to understand that life doesn’t behave as a linear exponential graph and that the equation is more complex than the relations between two single axes.

We have accomplished some of our wildest dreams for the 21st century, we have gotten there and in some ways unexpectedly much further. The way technology, telecommunications, and the forever evolving internet had shaped our lives, our world is worthy of our deepest wonderment and awe.

Pandora is open, nanotechnology, quantum computing, the IoT and the Industrie of the IoT, 5G technologies, biotechnologies, 3D printing, and the autonomous vehicles, and the trajectories we have for technological progress are almost infinite, maybe bold infinite.

Collapse, world crisis, climate change, pandemics, are some of the “Big Pauses” and falls that life also imposes in its flow. In a way these are only the full impact of the consequences that we have to deal with from our avid action towards progress however we imagine it.

So, what dreams should we be having for the new Future? Is it more things? More of the cheap? And who should be drafting those dreams, prototyping them? More governments and organizations, more superpowers? No, no we have had too much of that.

These tasks are the responsibility of individuals, of you and me. Is up to us to sit and face the next, barefoot, to go within the new frontiers of the world behind our eyes and to start asking and answering what’s next? What do we want for our future? What balance of empty, simple, complex, and generous do we need for our world to thrive?

A big deal of it will require us to go to the core of what needs to thrive within ourselves, and more important so, to let go of that stopping us from being congruent and fully committed to the work of using our forces to shape the world. And the world is Us.



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